DecoPassion - We shape your fantasies

In everyday life there are moments that we should celebrate. The unique moments we want to treasure and remember - unreapeatable anniversaries, unique holidays, romantic Valentine's Day.
The desirable mood can be conjured up by a music, gestures, words or visual impression. The possibilities are unlimited, but as it's well known, "the devil is in the details". Ornamental projects of our authorship will allow to complement each desirable effect and give the relevant character to every occasion. We offer a wide range of diversified thematic and occasional artwork made of original materials and additives.

We provide both wholesale and retail orders with regard to customer suggestions. More challenging projects are arranged by us personally at the client. Prices of decorations depend on the size, number and type of used materials .We work and create with passion and a subtle sense of taste. In our studiowe shape your fantasies into a real emotions.